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Luxor App - Using the Timed Out Feature


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The TIMED OUT Feature will appear if a controller(s) is not found by the app within the first 20 seconds. You will be given the option to select RETRY or CANCEL.

NOTE: This feature is only available in Cloud-Mode.

  • Retry = Continue searching for controllers for another 20 secs. If the controller is not found, a message will appear. Users can “retry” up to 3 times before it times out.
  • Cancel = Navigates to controller screen and displays controllers that are connected and/or not connected. If not connected, we can begin the process of troubleshooting (e.g., WiFi connection, signal strength, etc.). Learn more

Step 1

Open the LUXOR APP.

Step 2

The App will search for any available controllers. Any CONTROLLER(S) NOT RESPONDING will display this message. If the app does not find any controller(s), please go through the checklist. Learn more

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