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Use the FAVORITES feature to pin your favorite lighting themes to the HOME screen for fast, easy access. You can also assign a custom image to each theme.

NOTE: The Favorites option is only available when Luxor Cloud mode is enabled.

  1. Click on the SETTINGS () menu. Toggle ON the FAVORITES feature. Then click OK.
  2. The FAVORITES feature will be displayed at the bottom of the HOME screen. Some devices may require you to scroll down farther. Press the PLUS button to navigate to the THEMES page.
  3. A filled STAR icon represents a favorite theme, while a non-filled icon represents a non-favorite theme. To choose a favorite theme, SELECT the STAR icon for the theme.
  4. Click the right arrow on the designated theme to enter the THEME DETAILS (be sure to name and add new or additional groups).
  5. Select the THEME LETTER and select a photo from your phone library. Save the theme by selecting the back arrow.
  6. Your FAVORITES will now appear on your HOME screen for easy navigation.




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