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The WIFI SIGNAL NOTIFICATION will appear when signal strength is below 70 RSSI. This will only appear during an app session. If you close out of the app (swipe up) and reopen, the notification will appear again if the signal is still weak.

Signal Strength is consistent where the face pack and Wi-Fi Module are located. We recommend this 70 RSSI level or greater to maintain a WIFI signal.  If the signal is low or inconsistent, raise the router location, mount the Facepack as close as possible to the Wi-Fi router, or install a Wi-Fi extender to increase signal strength.

Check RSSI at Luxor Controller

NOTE: Another option to increase your signal is our Remote Mount WiFi Module (Part Number - WIFIMOD2RMT). This will allow you to relocate the WiFi module to a better location up to 10 feet away from Luxor for a stronger signal.

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