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Chassis load is a percentage that is displayed of the total load when the Luxor® is activated. Users can view the chassis load percentages directly from the Luxor App. This will eliminate the need to be in front of the controller for troubleshooting assistance. For Luxor Linking systems, all chassis loads (LUXOR and LSAT) will be visible to the user in this section. Follow the steps below to access this feature.

Step 1

Select the CONTROLLERS tab on the upper right-hand side of the Luxor App.

Step 2

Choose a CONTROLLER from the controller list.

Step 3

In the Chassis Load Status section, click on VIEW DETAILS.

Step 4

The chassis status will display all CHASSIS (Luxor and LSAT) with a percentage. If an OVERLOAD message is displayed, follow the steps in our controller troubleshooting support section. Learn More

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