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The POWER BUTTON feature allows users to choose if they want to turn on All Lights (@75%) or any available preprogrammed Theme. This is a very useful tool when testing communication to all fixtures on your system.

Step 1

You must first ENABLE the Power Button or a notification will appear on the screen.

Step 2

Select the GEAR  on the upper left-hand side of the Luxor App.

Step 3

Click inside the POWER BUTTON box to make a selection. You can select any preprogrammed Theme or All Lights (75%).

NOTE: When selecting the All Lights (75%) option, all lights will be changed to non-color for this manual command only. This will NOT change the colors associated with each group and/or Theme. The next time the program activates the individual groups, they will activate with the programmed color and will be displayed on the group's screen.

Step 4

Navigate back to the HOME page. Select the POWER BUTTON on the upper right-hand side to turn on the system. The ORANGE  icon indicates the system is activated. Select a second time to turn it off.

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