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Changing the LED Board on the LM or PD Wall Light


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Tools Required:

  • Flathead screwdriver
  • 3/32" Allen Key
  • Soft-edged pry device (e.g., small flathead screwdriver)

Step 1

Turn off power to the fixture completely before changing the LED board in any fixture.

Step 2

Remove the cover of the wall light with a 3/32 hex key.

Step 3

Remove any filters from the reflector by loosening the screws holding the reflector and filter in place and remove the filter.

Step 4

Remove the two screws holding the LED board to the fixture.  Only remove the screws from the board that needs to be replaced.

Step 5

The LED board can now be removed. Using a small soft edged pry device gently pry up on one side of the board. Make sure the base of the reflector where the LED was removed is clear of debris or residual thermal pad material.

Step 6

Once the LED board is successfully removed, perform this procedure backwards to install the replacement board. Not all boards will fit in every fixture, so ensure the fixture can accommodate the selected board prior to maintenance. Also remove any residue left on the fixture from old LED board prior to installation of new one. All FX LED boards come with a pink colored thermal pad attached to the bottom that should be left in place.

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