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Heat Shrink Wire Connectors


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With any low voltage lighting system, waterproof connections are crucial to maximizing the life of the system. A two-step installation process ensures a fail-proof connection in every installation. Each wire connector has two components: a tin-coated copper butt splice and an adhesive-lined heat shrink tube. You will need some direct-burial wire to make the connections. We have two-wire connector sizes. The small, blue connector is ideal for connecting one fixture onto the home run, or a small junction of four fixtures. The medium, yellow connector is best for splitting home runs with two #10-gauge (6.0 mm2) or three #12-gauge (4.0 mm2) wires. YouTube™ Video

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Available Connector/Sizing Cross Reference Chart
Item P/N Description
Small (blue) WC-HS-SM-20 10 (2.5mm) -18 (1.0mm) Gauge accommodates 81 strands per end
Medium (Yellow) WC-HS-MD-20 8 (3mm) -18 (1.0mm) Gauge accommodates 224 strands per end
Typical Strands Per Gauge Reference
Gauge Copper Strands
#18 16
#16 26
#14 41
#12 65
#10 104
#8 168

Tools & Connectors Required:

  • Wire strippers
  • Wire connectors
  • Heat gun
  • LightingShrink Ratcheting Crimper Tool (PN: WC-HS-TOOL)

Installation Steps:

Step 1

Strip the wire to about ½" (13 mm) of exposed copper strands and twist the wires together to make a point. Insert this into the butt splice until it bottoms out. Rotating the connector will help seat the wires properly.

Step 2

Insert this into the butt splice until it bottoms out. Rotating the connector will help seat the wires properly.

Step 3

Using the LightingShrink Ratcheting Crimper Tool, line up the colored edge to the corresponding splice (e.g., medium-size connector (yellow)). Clamp down on the butt splice until hand tightened.

Step 4

Slide the heat shrink tube onto the wire. This is easier to do on the first side that is already crimped. On the opposite side, clamp down on the butt splice until hand tightened. The adhesive-lined heat shrink tube will fully enclose the splice and protect the metal parts. If necessary, peel back the direct burial wire to allow more room for the tube.

Step 5

Slide the heat shrink tube over the full splice and center it. Finally, starting at the center of the connector and working toward the ends, use a heat gun to gradually shrink the tubing until the adhesive oozes out of either end. Repeat steps 1-5 for splicing the opposite side of the direct-burial wire.

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