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MO/PO/VO/CG/CN - Installation Core Sizes


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A 2" schedule 40 conduit is included with the MO fixture and 1.5" is included with the PO fixture. Both are in a length of 12 inches. This conduit can be cut to length, but must always fully capture the fixture base.  The included conduit cannot be cut any shorter than 7–1/2", so if a shorter length is required, a standard 2" (MO) or 1.5" (PO) conduit can be used.  Insert the fixture module into the faceplate, and then press the complete assembly into the installed conduit. The module and faceplate must be fully pressed together to maintain proper seal. Ensure the faceplate is pressed as flush as possible to the mounting surface.


Model Sleeve P/N SCH 40 Size Pipe OD Recommended Core Drill Size
PO 250018590000 1-1/2" 1.9" 2"
VO C2165 N/A 1.78" (custom) 2"
MO 25002060000 2" 2.36" 2-1/2"
CG 250013670000 2" 2.375" 2-1/2"
CN N/A 2-1/2" 2.875" 3"



For information on using the wall bracket with these fixtures, click on this link for install details:

Install Notes: PO and MO  

Install Bracket Notes: PO and MO 












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