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The XN must be assigned to a group prior to the installation. The Luxor® controller automatically displays the lighting assignment screen when an FX Luminaire LED fixture or device containing FX Luminaire ZD Technology® or ZDC Technology® is connected to the assignment ports on the controller facepack.To enter this mode, navigate to Setup and select Assign. Learn More

NOTE: The LAM (Light Assignment Module) is not compatible with the Exa Collection of fixtures.

Step 1

Dig hole, run wire, and fill base with drainage material. Insert preinstall kit and cover.

Step 2

Post-construction, use a voltmeter to ensure 11 to 15 V at fixture.

Step 3

Connect wiring with waterproof connector.

Step 4

Insert fixture into preinstall kit and secure.

Step 5

To adjust fixture angle, remove faceplate and lens. Insert screwdriver into slot and tilt to desired angle.

Step 6

Secure faceplate to finish installation.

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