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The PROGRAMS screen is where all daily running programs are configured.

  1. Each program is designated by a letter ("A" through "G") at the top right section of the screen. Select the desired letter using the scroll wheel prior to selecting the days of the week.
  2. Selecting days of the week designates which days the program will run based on the event settings. Select or remove each day by highlighting the corresponding box over each day with the scroll wheel and pushing to select or deselect.
  3. The event field specifies the event time a specific action will occur. Every event must have an initiation time. Four events can be created for each scheduled program. In addition to a fixed time set for an event, a sunrise or sunset setting is available for each event. This is based on astronomical timing determined by the set location of the unit. The unit must have a location set under SETUP to accurately adjust at the actual sunrise or sunset times. Time offsets can be used for sunrise/sunset events. Offsets can be either positive (+) or negative (-) and will adjust in 15-minute increments.
  4. The ON/OFF field determines the action that will occur during the scheduled event.


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