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The DX Transformer can be controlled from another transformer via the 1–24 volt EXTERNAL connection. If you have multiple transformers on a single site, a PRIMARY transformer can be designated to trigger them all. The PRIMARY controls all lighting functions via its timing and/or control functions.  The SECONDARY TRANSFORMER initiates when the PRIMARY starts its lighting function.

  1. Select PRIMARY controller and ensure that the power is off.
  2. Run a wire from the common terminal and one of the three voltage taps (12V, 13V, 14V) from the PRIMARY TRANSFORMER.
  3. Connect this from PRIMARY TRANSFORMER into the secondary transformer via the EXT (external) input. 
  4. At the SECONDARY TRANSFORMER, be sure to set the ON TIME to NONE so that the unit only comes on due to the EXT input.
  5. The SECONDARY TRANSFORMER is now ready to receive input from the PRIMARY TRANSFORMER.
  6. To confirm the connection, reestablish power to both PRIMARY and SECONDARY transformers.
  7. Activate lights via the PRIMARY TRANSFORMER.
  8. A positive connection can be confirmed by the EXT light on the facepack of the SECONDARY TRANSFORMER(S) turning green.

The PRIMARY controls all lighting functions via its timing and/ or control functions. The SECONDARY initiates when the PRIMARY starts its lighting function. There is no limit to the number of SECONDARY transformers that can be connected to a PRIMARY transformer, as long as each SECONDARY transformer receives between 12–24 volts.

Alternate Wiring Method Illustrated Below

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