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The DX occasionally updates firmware to add features or enhance functionality. To update the facepack or flash firmware on the DX, an SD card is required to transfer the data from a computer to the facepack.

NOTE: The SD card must be an SD or SD-HC. SD-XC should NOT be used. SD-XC cards do not work with the DX Transformer.

Step 1

Download the most recent DX firmware update to your computer desktop. Save the desired firmware onto an SD card.

File Download

NOTE: Do not change the filename of the EFI file.

Step 2

Pull up on facepack and remove the SD card slot cover by sliding the cover upward.

Step 3

Insert the SD card with the pins facing the front of the facepack. Press it completely inward and then release to lock the card into place.

Step 4

From the HOME screen, select SETUP.

Step 5

Scroll to FIRMWARE and press the scroll wheel. The firmware load screen will appear.

Step 6

Navigate to the desired update type and press the scroll wheel to select. The facepack and flash update processes usually take no longer than 15 seconds. The version number for the flash will not change on the controller screen. This would only be necessary if you do not show the map under LOCATION.

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