DX - Mounting the Transformer(s)


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Wall-Mount Installation:

  1. Install all transformers a minimum of 12″ above the finish grade (as measured from the finish grade to the bottom of the transformer) and according to code.
  2. Drill ⅛" pilot holes into the mounting surface, insert anchors, and install screws into the anchors, leaving approximately ⅛" of thread exposed. Mount the transformer.
  3. Use a level and a pencil to determine and mark locations for the bottom anchors. Remove the transformer from the wall. Drill bottom anchor holes and install the anchors.
  4. Place the transformer back on top of the uppermost mounting screw and install screws into the anchors at the bottom of the transformer to secure it to the wall.


Post-Mount Installation: Install pressure-treated 4" x 4" x 36" (min) post in concrete footing. Follow wall-mount installation instructions without the use of wall anchors.

For additional information regarding installation techniques, go to Resources and Tools.

All transformers come equipped with a 5-foot, 12-gauge, 3-prong electrical power cord. Only use the power cord in conjunction with a GFCI-protected, 120-volt exterior receptacle.

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