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Navigating the DX

The DX controller contains two user interface elements:

  • The clickable scroll wheel is the primary navigationand selection element.
  • The BACK button navigates to the previous screen.


Home Screen

All DX controller functions are accessible through the HOME screen. The default display on the HOME screen includes the following:

  • Current time
  • Current date
  • Sunrise/sunset time for the current day
  • Menu options (PROGRAMS, SETUP, MANUAL)

All menu options are placed on the right-hand side of the HOME screen and can be selected by using the scroll wheel. Turn the scroll wheel clockwise or counterclockwise until the desired menu option is highlighted in blue. Press the scroll wheel down to select and enter the desired option.


Setup Screen

All background tools and settings are accessible in the SETUP screen. Scroll through the various options to configure the controller.

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