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RC - LED Board Replacement


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Tools Required:

  • #2 Philips screwdriver
  • 5/64” Allen Key
  • Soft-edged pry device (e.g., small flathead screwdriver)

Step 1

Turn off power to the fixture completely before disassembling.

Step 2

Pull downward on the trim to release the tension on the clips from the housing. Ensure proper care to avoid damaging the powder coat finish.

Step 3

Remove the outer trim by using a 5/64" hex key to loosen the set-screw on the side and then pulling off the trim baffle.

Step 4

Remove any filters from the reflector by turning them counterclockwise and lifting off the reflector.

Step 5

Unfasten the screws holding the reflector and LED board in place. Remove the reflector.

Step 6

Remove the LED board by using a small soft-edged pry device to gently lift one side of the board.  Ensure the metal surface where the LED was removed is clear of debris or residual thermal pad material.

Step 7

Once the LED board is successfully removed, perform this procedure backward to reinstall the replacement LED board. Not all boards will fit in every fixture, so ensure the fixture can accommodate the selected board prior to maintenance.  Be sure to also remove any residue left on the fixture from the old LED board prior to installing the new one.  A pink-colored thermal pad is attached to the bottom of all FX Luminaire LED boards and should be left in place. Compatible LED boards for this fixture include: ZDCKITL (COLOR), ZD1LEDULKIT-ZD3LEDULKIT-ZD6LEDULKIT-ZD9LEDULKIT (ZD), ZD3LEDT (Wild Life) and 1LEDULKIT-3LEDULKIT-6LEDULKIT-9LEDULKIT (standard).

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