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Path Light - LED Board Replacement


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Tools Required:

  • #2 Philips screwdriver
  • Soft-edged pry device (e.g., small flathead screwdriver)


Step 1

It's always a good idea to change LED boards, and lamps with power to the fixture turned off completely. On FX LED fixtures, the top assembly screws off counter-clockwise. Be sure to grab the riser while ensuring the mounting spike doesn't move during the procedure.

Step 2

After carefully removing the top assembly, you should now see the reflector and filter that sit on top of the LED board.

Step 3

The upper reflector unlocks with a minimal counter-clockwise rotation.

Step 4

With the upper reflector now removed, you can apply the same technique from the previous step to removing the color filter. An amber filter is shown in this demonstration.

Step 5

Depending on the LED board's size, you will have two to three Phillips head screws that need to be removed to access the LED board below the reflector. Carefully remove these screws by turning each counterclockwise.

Step 6

Remove the reflector.

Step 7

The LED board can now be removed. Using a small flat-bladed screwdriver, pry up gently on one side of the board, taking into account the two pins on the bottom of the board. Ensure the fixture base where the LED was removed is clear of debris or residual thermal pad material.

Step 8

Once the LED is successfully removed, this procedure can be performed backward to install the replacement board. Replacement boards will have to be the same size LED to fit properly. Compatible LED boards for the PO fixture include ZD1LEDULKIT (ZD) and 1LEDULKIT (standard).  Compatible LED boards for the MO fixture include ZDCKITM(COLOR), ZD1LEDULKIT-ZD3LEDULKIT (ZD), ZD3LEDT (Wild Life), and 1LEDULKIT-3LEDULKIT (standard).

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