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LED Path Lights - Installation Details


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  1. FX Luminaire fixture. See plan legend for wattage, beam spread and accessories.
  2. Twist top assembly clockwise onto riser, until the gab between the lens and the brass reducer is completely sealed.
  3. FX Luminaire Long Slot Spike mount.
  4. Finished grade.
  5. Direct bury, UF/UL, copper, low voltage cable with 3M DBR/Y-6 direct bury splice kit. Leave 18" minimum wire loop coiled below fixture for service.
  6. Petite Riser Assembly (PRA); see plan for height.


  • Installation to be completed in accordance with manufacturer's specifications.
  • Accepts 10-15 volts - AC or DC
  • See plan legend for LED board and accessories
  • Always refer to FX product installation notes prior to installation.

Click here to download LED Path Light Installation Details or visit a product's individual webpage and click on the Resources tab.


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