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The photocell switching option is a light sensitive device that allows your FX lighting system to become active at dusk and then shuts the system down when the sun comes up thus providing "dusk to dawn" performance.

VERY IMPORTANT: The photocell is installed on the HIGH VOLTAGE side of the transformer! Be sure to unplug the transformer when installing the photocell.

Installing the photocell

With the transformer unplugged, remove the two screws on the face of the clear plastic terminal block panel. Lift the plastic panel up and out of the way. Important: Remove the red jumper wire located between the #9 and #10 lugs on the terminal block. The photocell comes equipped with three wires – a white “common” wire, the black “hot” wire, and a red switch wire. The white wire is installed into the lug labeled “120 volt common white”. The black wire is installed into the lug labeled “photocell hot black”. The red wire is installed into the lug labeled “photocell hot red”. Loosen each lug with a flathead screwdriver, install the photocell wires into the proper location and retighten lugs. Lower and reinstall clear plastic terminal block panel. Pop up the ½", knockout on the right side of the transformer, push photocell photo eye out through the knockout and secure photocell to transformer using the rubber washer and plastic threaded nut.

Timer plus photocell switching option

A popular method of switching your FX lighting system is to install both a timer and a photocell in the transformer. By setting the green pin at 4:00 PM and the red pin at 11:00 PM, your system will automatically turn on at dusk and shut down at 11:00 PM without having to change the timer setting with the changing of the seasons.

Testing timer and/or photocell during the daytime

To test the timer/photocell transformer during daylight hours, you will need to cover the photo eye on the photocell with either the bootie (included) or a piece of black electrical tape in order to simulate darkness.

If functioning properly, it will take up to 2 minutes for the photocell to activate. Do not prematurely assess that the photocell is defective. After waiting a couple of minutes, turn the timer's manual override switch on.

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