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LED Board Replacement Options


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The catalog numbers below identify the LED board kits for each of the designer series light fixture. 

For more information on ordering these kits,  please visit our interactive Distributor Lookup.

Green LED Board (Not Shown) = Older style non-dimmable/zoning led board. No longer available.

Black LED Board = The LED board kit includes the regular zoning LED board, reflector, screws, and four filters (clear, amber, green and blue).

Orange LED Board = ZD kit includes the zoning and dimming LED board, reflector, screws, and and four filters (clear, amber, green and blue).

White LED Board = ZDC kit includes the zoning, dimming, and color LED board, reflector, screws, and flood lens diffuser.

For information on changing the actual LED board, please visit one for the sections below:
ZD & ZDC LED Replacement Kits
Catalog Number Description
ZD1LEDULKIT ZD 1 LED Replacement Kit
ZD3LEDULKIT ZD 3 LED Replacement Kit
ZD6LEDULKIT ZD 6 LED Replacement Kit
ZD9LEDULKIT ZD 9 LED Replacement Kit
ZD3LEDTKIT ZD 3LED Wildlife Friendly Replacement Kit
ZDCKITM ZDC LED Replacement Kit, Medium
ZDCKITL ZDC LED Replacement Kit, Large
ZDCKITR ZDC LED Replacement Kit, Rectangle
755901 ZD 1LED Board for LF Fixture
LED Replacement Kits
1LEDULKIT 1 LED Replacement Kit
3LEDULKIT 3 LED Replacement Kit
6LEDULKIT 6 LED Replacement Kit
9LEDULKIT 9 LED Replacement Kit
755902 1LED Board for LF Fixture
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