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The following support page includes information on components with fixtures, mounts required, and easy-to-follow installation steps.

Included Components:

Qty. Description
1 Jumper Cable (3")
1 Jumper Cable (6")
3 U Spacer (See note below)
3 Plastic Clamp
10 Mounting Clips (40 Ft model includes 40 clips)
1 End Connector
1 Pick tool
1 ( 40 ft model only) Extra power feed connector


IMPORTANT: The step (step #2) for splice and/or power feed connections is the installation of the LED spacer. The purpose of the spacer is to press down on the LED board so it creates interference between the board copper pads and connector pins. This ensures a solid electrical connection. If the LED spacer is not installed then the SRP might not turn ON or intermittently turn ON/OFF.

Step 1

Measure the length required in the installation area. Using the SRP-CUT cutter tool, CUT straight along the cut marks (every 2"). The max distance for splicing the SRP-10 fixtures together is 40 Feet.

Step 2

Insert U-SPACER into the end of the strip light.

Step 3

Insert the desired JUMPER WIRE (3" or 6") into the strip light. Ensure jumper pins are installed on copper pads. Use the Pick Tool to expose pads before installing the jumper. 

Step 4

Install clear plastic CLAMP onto jumper connection. Press down firmly. Gently, pull the connection to confirm it is secure.

Step 5

Insert the END CONNECTOR on the opposite end. Install the plastic clear clamp. Press down firmly. Pull the connection area to confirm it is secure.

Step 6

Aluminum Channel Mount Method: (Sold separately SRP-CHN) (3.3') 3-Qty Included.

Using screws or adhesive (i.e., double-sided tape), mount the channel in the desired location. Start from one end of the strip light and insert it into the ALUMINUM CHANNEL. Firmly, press the strip light into the channel. If using the Hardscape Mount, please skip to step 7.

SRP Channel Dimensions

Step 7

Hardscape Mount Methods: SRP-MNT sold separately)

Using screws or adhesive, mount the plate in the desired location. Press the strip light into the installed HARDSCAPE MOUNT. The ideal placement is one hardscape mount every 20” or less to prevent sagging. If using the included METAL CLIPS; the ideal placement is one clip every 12” or less.

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