Luxor Wireless Linking

Save time and labor with secure, reliable
connections — no trenching required!


Easy Wireless Communication

Use the Luxor Wireless Linking Module (LINK-MOD) to enable wireless communication between a primary Luxor Controller and Luxor Satellite (LSAT) Controllers while maintaining a single point of control. Eliminate the need to hardwire controllers using Cat 5/5e/6 cable.

Secure and Reliable Operation

This innovative solution uses LoRa radio, a frequency-driven wireless communication that provides secure and stable long-range communication beyond what Bluetooth & Wi-Fi can offer.

Seamless Installation

The LINK-MOD mounts cleanly to the Luxor Controller cabinet. The easy-to-read LCD provides real-time system diagnostics.


Challenge: You don't know whether to use traditional hardwired Luxor Linking connections or Luxor Wireless Linking.

Solution: The Luxor Wireless Linking Module eliminates the need to establish a hardwired Cat 5/5e/6 connection between controllers. Regardless if controllers are side-by-side or spread throughout a property, the LoRa radio provides long-range communication without needing to build custom cables, purchase conduit, or trench for installation. Wireless Linking also eliminates the possibility of surge failures due to lightning or other surge-type events.


Challenge: With hardwired Luxor Linking, it is difficult to verify communication statuses and controller loads for each Luxor Controller and Luxor Satellite Controller.

Solution: Luxor Wireless Linking allows each module to be programmed to unique Chassis IDs. This makes it easy to identify each controller on the Luxor diagnostics screen. Setting the Network ID and Wireless Channel for each site ensures all modules will communicate properly.



  • Communication
  • Distance
  • Number of Linked Controllers
  • Installation
  • Diagnostics
  • Wireless Luxor Linking

  • LoRa radio (Wireless)
  • Up to 3,000' or 914 m"
  • 10+
  • Mount at Controller or Remote
  • Yes (Unique IDs)
  • Hardwired Luxor Linking

  • Network cable (Cat 5/5e/6)
  • 3,000' or 914 m (installed wire)
  • Up to 10
  • Direct-burial Cat 5/5e/6 cable and conduit
  • Yes (Variable)

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