Luxor® Wireless Control

Luxor App - Cloud Cloud Access

Cloud connection eliminates local network limitations to streamline control in the field and enable remote site management from anywhere in the world via an internet connection.

Luxor App - Programming/Scheduling Programming/Schedule

Create custom lighting schedules for everyday living, holidays, and celebrations. Event-based programming initiates custom themes or individual lighting fixtures thoughout the night.

Luxor App - Site Management Site Management

Remote site management is available from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, which saves you time and money by eliminating costly site visits.

Luxor App - Color Creation Color Creation

Create up to 30,000 colors using the latest RGBW LED technology. Use the color bars to select the desired hue, saturation level, and intensity for any light or group of lights. Save a personalized palette to easily access up to 250 colors.

Luxor App - Groups Groups

Adjust intensity and colors of individual or groups of fixtures to fine-tune your lighting design. With a Luxor system, you can create up to 250 adjustable lighting groups that can be turned on independently and dimmed from 0–100%.

Luxor App - Themes Themes

With Luxor technology, you can design one-of-a-kind holiday displays, create team spirit for the big game, add company colors for work-related events, or simply adjust colors to match vegetation as the seasons change.

Luxor App Cloud Screen Luxor App Programming Screen Luxor App Colors Screen Luxor App Groups Screen Luxor App Themes Screen Luxor App Site Management Screen

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