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September 26, 2019

FX Luminaire product manager talks about the standard series of landscape lighting fixtures and the different options available for them. Learn about beam angles, HEX baffles, pro-aim technology, and how the price point for this standard series of LED fixtures allows lighting professionals to offer great quality lighting packages to every homeowner who wants to light up the night with FX Luminaire products.

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  • 0:21 - Standard Series vs. Designer Series
  • 1:20 - The 3 fixtures here are the entry level of the Standard Series
  • 1:45 - The RS fixture details and options
  • 2:43 - Using a HEX baffle of light spread lens
  • 3:12 - What does using a long shroud & a HEX baffle accomplish?
  • 4:39 - Beam angles identification on top of the LED lenses
  • 5:54 - RS fixture common uses in landscape design
  • 6:24 - SP-A fixture common uses in landscape design
  • 7:25 - WS fixture common uses in landscape design
  • 8:15 - The Standard Series is a lighting package priced for everyone
  • 9:05 - Luxor® Zoning/Dimming using the ZD MR-16 lamps & with a G4 lamp using a Luxor CUBE
  • 10:00 - Fixtures come with 10' wire leads and the directional lights utilize Pro-Aim™ technology