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September 4, 2019

FX Luminaire introduced a few new path lights that are a sleek and modern design, appropriately called Modern Path Lights. Ryan explains the features that designers and specifiers will want to know about. Check out all the great new looks and features of these Modern Path Lights in this episode of Counter Buzz.

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  • 0:30 - What is a modern path light?
  • 1:00 - Designer Series: Integrated LEDs, Color Temperature Lenses, Zoning, Dimming, Color
  • 1:41 - Are these different than other path lights?
  • 2:10 - Four new path lights
  • 2:35 - Where should these styles be installed?
  • 3:22 - Installation features of these Modern Path Lights
  • 7:07 - Specifications of each Modern Path Light
  • 10:45 - Summary

Check out each new Modern Path Light here: