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February 12, 2014

Take a behind the scenes look at the manufacturing process of FX Luminaire. James Helms, product Manager for FX Luminaire, guides you from station to station to see the quality materials and processes that go into manufacturing the best lighting fixtures in the industry. In this video you will see:

  • The CNC machine mill down brass bars into components that make up the majority of parts for FXL lights.
  • The heat sink features being carved into the fixture.
  • The die-casting machine make uplight caps from zinc bars by melting them into molds.
  • The tumble and deburr machine smooth out pieces of molded product.
  • The path light mating machine push the pieces of light fixtures together without the use of any glue.
  • The brass being polished.
  • The powder coating process that adds not only color and texture to FXL lights, but also protects the fixtures from scratches, and moisture.
  • The LED lights being checked multiple times to ensure that all the code in every LED board passes specifications and lights properly.
  • The second light test just before each product is labeled and boxed for shipment.