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February 20, 2019

The Luxor app gives you total control of your Luxor lighting system directly from your iOS or Android device. With the Luxor app, you can conveniently adjust fixture intensities and choose from 30,000 striking colors to create beautiful and distinctive lighting designs. Then, easily transfer groups with desired intensities and colors to one of 40 available themes. Once your designs are complete, use the app to create a personalized lighting schedule throughout the year. Navigation is simple, so you can quickly find desired functions. Wirelessly assign lighting fixtures and Luxor accessories using the Lighting Assignment Module. Manually adjust group intensities and colors to fine-tune your lighting design. Use the color picker to generate 30,000 available colors. You can also save colors to create a custom color palette. Effortlessly design themes for parties, holidays, seasons, and sporting events using the create theme and copy theme features. Easily set desired lighting schedules by choosing exclusive dates for predefined programs. The Luxor app is the most powerful and convenient way to interact with your Luxor lighting system — right from the palm of your hand.