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February 8, 2017

The Luxor system offers wireless lighting control from a smartphone or tablet. Using the Luxor App and an available Wi-Fi signal, zoning, dimming, and color can be controlled with iOS and Android devices for on-the-fly adjustments.

The Luxor Wi-Fi system consists of three parts:

1. An add-on Wi-Fi Module or LAN Module that connects Luxor controllers to iOS and Android smartphones and tablets using the Luxor App.

2. The Light Assignment Module (LAM), which allows smartphone or tablet group assignment of every fixture attached to a Luxor system using ActivAssign™ technology.

3. An indoor facepack mount that allows the Luxor facepack to be remotely mounted inside a home or garage. All three pieces of hardware are available through your local FX Luminaire distributor.

The Luxor App is available in the iTunes Store and Google Play.

Available on the App Store Available for Android