Photometrics IES

IES files contain detailed photometric data on measuring light levels. Knowing the total output of your new fixture is important as you develop a landscape lighting system. FX Luminaire has submitted several fixtures to laboratory tests because we want to ensure that when you purchase an FXL fixture that you can appropriately plan for installations, redesigns of your lighting layout and accurately anticipate how each fixture will appear.

If you do not see a specific fixture listed below, check that product's page under the Specifications tab. Please note that not all fixtures have photometric data.


LED Up Lights

Up Lights

CC | FB | NP | PB | VS | RW | LC | QZ

LED Path Lights

Path Lights

HC | JS | RW | FG | TD

LED Wall Lights

Wall Lights

CP | LM | UN | PD | MS | PO | LF | PM

LED Down Lights

Down Lights

JB | LE | NL | PS | VE

LED Specialty Lights

Specialty Lights

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