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May 11, 2020

With Luxor® Cloud management, it’s easier than ever before to bring nighttime living spaces to life. A Cloud connection eliminates local network limitations, allowing you to streamline control in the field and enable remote site management from anywhere in the world via an internet connection.

To enter Luxor Cloud mode, you must first connect the Luxor controller to the network router via Wi-Fi or LAN connection. Open the Luxor app and search for the available controllers. Once controllers are connected, enter cloud mode by selecting the settings icon on the Home screen. Inside the settings menu, enable cloud access mode by toggling the Luxor Cloud button

To access Luxor Cloud, users must create a Hunter account. Existing Hunter account holders can sign in using their existing credentials. New users will need to create an account by selecting “Create New Account”. Once credentials are entered, press, “LogIn”.

The first step in connecting a Luxor to the cloud is creating a site. All Luxor controllers must be added to sites. This makes it easy for installers and homes to access their lighting system. A site is created for all locations containing one or more Luxor controllers.

To add a controller to a new site, select CREATE SITE. If adding a controller to an existing site, select ADD TO SITE. Enter the SITE NAME, press continue. The newly created site will appear in the sites list.

To create additional sites, press the “+” button. Enter the SITE NAME and press continue. The newly created site will appear in the sites list.

To begin adding controllers, select the desired site you would like the controllers added to, and select continue. Each Luxor controller is uniquely identified using a 10-digit serial code. The serial code can be found on the Luxor Facepack by selecting SETUP, Wi-Fi or LAN. Enter the number into the Controller Serial Number in the Luxor app. Before selecting NEXT, ensure your Luxor Facepack is still on the WiFi or LAN setup screen. After pressing NEXT, the Luxor facepack will display a unique 4-digit authorization code. Enter the 4-digit code into the Authentication Code field in the Luxor App and press NEXT. If the code is incorrect, the app will notify the user and allow them to reenter the correct authentication code. Once the code is successfully entered, the user will be directed to the controller screen and shown the newly added controller.

To add additional controllers, press the + button and repeat the Add Controller process.


Navigate to the HOME screen by pressing the back button. On the Home screen your currently selected site will be displayed at the top of the page. Now you can begin interacting with your Luxor system via the Cloud.

If you have multiple sites and would like to access a different site, press the current site name on the home screen and you will be directed to the sites page.

To share a site with additional users, select the desired site you would like shared and press the share icon. Enter the email address of the desired shared user and press SHARE. The email address must match the email address associated with the users Hunter SSO account.

The user will be notified that a site has been shared with them once they login into the Luxor app. Select YES to be directed to the Sites page.

This covers the steps involved for setting up your Luxor Controller with the Cloud. With Luxor® Cloud management, you can control lighting systems from the palm of your hand — anywhere, anytime.