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July 16, 2019

The DX is designed to make lighting control system setup quick and easy. The controller is compatible with multiple time zones and features automatic Daylight Saving adjustments as needed. Sunset and sunrise times are assigned based on latitude and longitude coordinates by setting the controller’s location using the scroll wheel.

The DX allows up to seven customized event-based lighting programs. Each program provides for up to four sunset and sunrise or time-based events throughout the night. For maximum flexibility, optional timed offsets are available for scheduled sunset and sunrise events.

Manual Operation
The DX controller’s manual operation feature provides a convenient option for customers who want to run their lighting system outside of scheduled programs. The controller can run manually up to 15 hours. The default one-hour run time eliminates the possibility of unintentionally leaving the lights on.

Backup/Restore/Firmware/Battery Adapter
The DX gives installers the ability to back up and restore system databases — including longitude and latitude coordinates and custom programs — with an SD card. Restoring these databases onto a new controller reduces system setup time. In addition, the LXBATT9V adapter allows for remote setup of any DX controller facepack.

The DX controller provides a simple, flexible, and reliable choice for project sites with intermediate control needs.