Miller Residence, Cottonwood Heights, UT
United States
40° 37' 5.9376" N, 111° 48' 58.6548" W

Quick Specs

Company Installed By: 
Orion Outdoor Lighting
Landscape Lighting Architect: 
Matt Marvell
Year Installed: 
Transformer Count: 
Transformer Type: 
Total Wire Used: 
2000 ft (12/2)
Total Site Wattage: 
Total Amount of Fixtures: 
Salt Lake Manor Glows with FX

Snow can be a good time when you’re a kid but can also cause disastrous circumstances when it comes to landscape lighting. Knowing that FX fixtures are manufactured with the best materials from screw to LED board, Matt Marvell of Orion Lighting and Design relies on FX products to survive the harshest Utah winters.

An iron fence built to protect people from a backyard drop off was installed and it was quickly realized that the fence could be used as a source of down lighting. The only problem was there is no exposed lip to mount fixtures to. The fence manufacturer met with Matt and a solution was compounded. FX PO’s would fit perfectly into the fence’s railing system and provide just the right amount of light to keep this area of the yard safe for visitors. The PO’s were even powder coated to match the fence making the installation seamless.

FX FB’s were used to up light prominent housing architectural features and showcase the pitches and bends of the houses dynamic. To up light stonewalls softer wall wash PB’s were used with amber filters to pull the warmer tones out. Just another example of how Orion Landscape Lighting and Design can supply a whole install with FX product alone.