Output LED20W LED35W
Halogen Lumen Output Equivalent 20W 35W
Total Lumens 50 85
Input Voltage 10 to 15V 10 to 15V
(Use this number to
size the transformer)
1.7 2.6
Watts Used 1.6 2.4
Lumens per Watt
42 37
CRI (Ra) 84 86
Center Beam Candle Power (CBCP) 27 31
CCT 2,700K 2,700K
Beam Angle 90° 85°
Dimming Phase* Phase*
Luxor Compatibility    
ZD Option Use Luxor Cube (LCM-LV) Use Luxor Cube (LCM-LV)
Minimum Rated Life (L70) 33,000 hrs 33,000 hrs
*For optimal performance, use a trailing-edge, phase-cut dimmer.