Monday, March 1, 2021 - 2:00pm

Installing FX Luminaire light fixtures should be simple. That’s why we’re introducing six new accessories to help contractors solve common installation challenges and maximize labor savings.

These versatile solutions prevent leaning, keep fixtures precisely aimed, and more. Check out the lineup:

Bracket Mount

What’s thin, sleek, and shiny? Our stylish new Bracket Mount! It’s the perfect solution for lighting applications with shorter depths, surface-mounting needs, and modern aesthetics. With a shorter base, it lets you position fixtures closer to the mounting surface.

Conduit Stabilizer

For added strength in modern path light installations, the stabilizer has wings to prevent the conduit from tilting or spinning. Its slim profile lets you pound in the stake while minimizing the amount of disturbed soil.

Critter Plug

Prevent unwanted critters from entering a fixture! The plug protects the base of the fixture and can be easily removed for routine servicing.

LED Programming Adapter

Make programming LED boards easier! The new adapter lets you assign groups at the Luxor® controller without using the fixture’s wire leads. This makes it handy for assigning fixtures after installation or during retrofits.

Lock Ring

Aim your up lights and wall lights by tightening our new Lock Ring onto the stake. The two convenient finger tabs make securing the job easy. Now included with every up light and wall wash fixture!

Mini-Junction Box

The newly expanded box provides more space to hold wire and connectors. With optional snap-on backing, servicing is simple and tool-free.