It’s Here! The Updated Android ZDC App is Now Available

Release Date: 
Wednesday, December 16, 2015 - 2:00pm

What is New to the App?

  • The Android app is now ZDC capable, including 250 user-saved color options, color options for each group, and the “colorpicker” screen,
  • Updated FX logo
  • New mobile navigation allows for quick access to various screens

Is There Anything I Should Know?

  • The Android app does not perform well with mixed systems (e.g. ZD and ZDC on the same network). Therefore, it is recommended to use only ZDC facepacks on a system when Android devices will likely be used.
  • As with iOS, you must define each group as a “color” or “non-color” group

How Do I Download the App?

If you do not currently have the FX Luxor app on your android device, you can download it from this link. In most cases, a current subscriber’s phone will update automatically. If not, that user will receive a notification indicating the update is available. Remember, this is an update to the existing app, not a new app.


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