Luxor Wi-Fi


Designed to go Wireless

Easily control lighting with Luxor technology and a smartphone.


The Luxor Wi-Fi system is the next step in control for landscape lighting, adding onto the already versatile and limitless capabilities of the Luxor ZD and Luxor ZDC. Zoning and dimming + color are now controllable with iOS and Android devices for on-the-fly control. For example, the lights can be initiated immediately when walking outside to have dinner or going to the pool, then dimmed to set a mood, then return to normal schedule when finished.

Luxor Wi-Fi Product guide

Luxor Wifi

Add wireless control to any current Luxor ZD or ZDC system with the latest firmware update and a Luxor Wi-Fi Module or LAN Module. Take instant advantage of iOS or Android device control, wireless light assignment, and the ability to link multiple Luxor systems.

Luxor Facepack Mount Accessory

The Facepack Mount accessory allows the Luxor control interface to be installed on the interior for easier access and to change the Wi-Fi point for better communication.


Effortless wireless fixture assignment

Breakthrough technology is now a feature of all FX LED fixtures with ZD/ZDC Technology™ and Luxor controllers with Wi-Fi installed. Using a smartphone or tablet and the new Light Assignment Module (LAM) device, every fixture attached to a Luxor system can be wirelessly assigned to a group using ActivAssign™ technology.

Plug the LAM into the smart device and enter Assignment Mode, choose the new fixture group, point the LAM at the light, and you're done.

How to use LAM

Luxor linking with multiple Luxors

Properties with multiple Luxors benefit from the controller's communication capabilities. When Luxor controllers are linked, up to 250 groups are available among them. Programs remain independent within each controller, allowing for maximum automatic control.

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