Ecoinnovation at Work

Our planet is a place that is both thirsty for life sustaining water, and in constant need of energy to power a modern world. Needless to say, the ecology of earth is impacted by what we do and how we do it. We see the light. FX Luminaire—in conjunction with its parent company Hunter Industries—is actively committed in its efforts to the research and development of innovative solutions focused on saving energy and water. It's Ecoinnovation at work.

From a product development standpoint, FX Luminaire has purposefully developed the infrastructure and acquired the technology to design and build any product we envision. This enhanced capability is evident in the highly innovative lighting products we continue to bring to the market.

FX Luminaire's LEDs consume up to 77% less power than comparable halogen lamps, and have a useful life of up to 25 times longer than comparable halogen lamps. LEDs differ radically from traditional light sources in that there are no glass bulbs or filaments to break, or electrodes to decay. FX LED light-producing power (efficacy) is also greater than halogen. For example, white LEDs are now producing more than 20 lumens per watt, compared to 8–15 lumens per watt for incandescent lamps.

In addition to the power savings, our LED systems require less wire because the fixtures can be daisy chained together, thus replacing individual pairs of wire for each light. FX Luminaire's LEDs' solid-state construction brings durability and exceptionally long life. Our LEDs feature replaceable LED boards, so replacement is easy and less product goes in the trash should an element fail. Unlike our competition, which sells sealed fixtures requiring the entire fixture be replaced if it fails.

Beyond products, our infrastructure as a business unit within Hunter Industries is built to minimize resource use as well. From our LEED certified factories and facilities, to our extensive material waste reduction efforts, every aspect of our business was developed to use as little resource as possible. Moving forward our promise to our customers and community remains the same: In our every endeavor, Hunter Industries will strive to employ business practices that use natural resources as efficiently as possible.


The movement away from energy guzzling incandescent light bulbs to Light Emitting Diodes (LED) is just one way that FX Luminaire is fulfilling its aim of providing products that use less electricity.