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June 1, 2022

For more than three decades, FX Luminaire has elevated pathways, walkways, and landscapes worldwide with our timeless, traditional path light collection. But with today’s ultra-modern architecture, landscape lighting deserves equally contemporary style. That’s why we are proud to showcase four modern path lights that provide unparalleled form and function to transform the next generation of lighting design. In this video, we’ll discuss the innovative features this product family shares, highlight the features that set each path light apart, and present suitable applications for each fixture. The M-PJ, M-PK, M-PL, and M-PZ belong to FX Luminaire’s Designer Plus series. The fixtures offer next-generation PowerBoard™ technology, integrated optics, and compatibility with our flagship Luxor® lighting controllers for zoning, dimming, and color-changing control with up to 30,000 vibrant colors. At FX Luminaire, it is our mission to provide our customers with innovative solutions that expand the boundaries of creative and functional lighting design. We are dedicated to creating robust and elegant fixtures in a wide range of classic and contemporary styles to ensure you have the best choices for any lighting design, regardless of scope or budget. Learn more at