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January 7, 2022

My Design now with Night Mode! Conquer your next landscape lighting job like a pro with My Design! Leverage this free tool to simplify the lighting design process, impress your customers, and close sales faster. • Simplify the design process: Quickly find the products you need and visually place them in the landscape with a few clicks. • Easy to use: Drag and drop images and products to create an elegant lighting design in minutes. • Design like a pro: Prepare a detailed and visually stunning design proposal using actual property images, all stored in the cloud. • No technical knowledge required: The intuitive interface makes it easy for novice users to produce professional-looking designs. • Create on the go: Snap pictures while walking the jobsite, then create the lighting design from anywhere using a tablet or laptop. • Save time: Generate a complete parts list quicker and more accurately in a fraction of the time, and email it to your distributor from within the tool. • Enhance the customer experience: Provide a detailed overview of the project, complete with a printable PDF sell sheet you can email to customers.