FX Luminaire Collections

Streamline Product Selection with FX Luminaire Collections

Now it’s easier than ever to select the ideal fixtures with FX Luminaire Collections! Eleven distinct offerings provide clear choices that align with the specific control options, design aesthetics, applications, and budget for any project.

A Collection for Every Application


Designer Collection

Offering unparalleled control with Luxor® Technology compatibility, this collection enables zoning, dimming, and color capabilities for creating elegant, distinct designs.


Vantage Collection

Ideal for everyday projects, these classic fixtures are available in aluminum, zinc, or composite materials and offer multiple powder-coat color options for design flexibility.


Modern Collection

Featuring lamped and integrated options plus Luxor Technology compatibility, these angular fixtures are the go-to solution for contemporary path lighting.


Cora Collection

Select brass fixtures combine contemporary design with innovative lighting adjustments and strong corrosion resistance for lighting that’s especially well-suited for coastal environments.


Terra Collection

Featuring a wide array of materials, styles, and configurations, these rugged in-grades blend seamlessly with other FX Luminaire Collections and are ideal for high-traffic areas.


Runa Collection

Premium metals combine style with durability in these sleek, rounded fixtures that offer lamped and integrated options plus Luxor Technology compatibility.


Pinnacle Collection

Combining the enduring appeal of brass and copper with ZDC Technology®, this premier lineup enables zoning, dimming, and color capabilities.


Stella Collection

Made of durable copper and brass, these premium fixtures strike the balance between affordability and timeless design while offering long-lasting radiance.


Exa Collection

High output performance with low voltage simplicity. Combining light output of 1,200 lumens with top-tier integrated LED technology


Garden Collection

Crafted from premium materials for increased durability and elegance, this lineup features classic fixtures that have reigned as fan favorites for decades.


Apex Collection

Combining world-class engineering with contemporary design aesthetics, this high-quality collection delivers sleek, robust solutions with outputs up to 3,000 lm.

Your Path to Perfect Lighting

Whether you’re looking for architectural, budget-friendly, high-output, eco-conscious, or designer-grade lighting, FX Luminaire Collections offer a clear and organized roadmap to the perfect solution.

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