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FX Luminaire Introduces the VE Down Light

FX Luminaire proudly announces the release of the new VE, a hanging LED fixture that complements both commercial and residential landscapes with soft, overhead illumination. The VE was designed specifically to illuminate from above to highlight seating areas, focal points, and landscaping features. The VE is available in a choice of four metal finishes on a copper sleeve, and ten powder coat finishes made of anodized die cast aluminum with 1 or 3 LED for any application. An optional perforated sleeve can...

Facepack Update Now Available for Luxor Landscape Lighting Controller

FX Luminaire occasionally makes enhancements to the Luxor firmware to improve functionality. The newest Luxor firmware update (v.144) is now available on the Luxor landscape lighting controller product page, under the resources tab. This update: ·         Locks screen during firmware updates To access this latest update directly click here. 

Determining if a property owner needs smartphone or tablet control

Something really fun is happening right now.  Every device that you can think of is adding control via smartphones and tablets.  Even washers and dryers are smartphone controllable now; a few years ago that would have been unthinkable.  Some people like me, love to be able to control everything possible from their smartphone.  Others may not want to have to use or find their phone in order to adjust lighting or fire up the washing machine.  The key is figuring out which customers want to use this...

Finding a Landscape Lighting Contractor, Distributor, or Sales Representitive is Easier Than Ever

FX Luminaire's new Get FXL page allows users to search for a local landscape lighting contractor, find a landscape lighting distributor, or even get in touch with landscape lighting sales representitives.  Simply select the type of professional you are looking for and complete a short form and we will connect you with the landscape lighting professional that best suits your needs. Visit the Get FXL page to get started today. 

FX Luminaire's Luxor Facepack Update Now Available

FX Luminaire occasionally makes enhancements to the Luxor firmware to improve functionality. The newest Luxor firmware update (v.143) is now available on the Luxor product page, under the resources tab. This update: Improves “All lights off” event Increases named groups available in app to 250 Corrects daylight savings one week delay for sunset/sunrise times Fixes light operation during a firmware update Slows the network refresh to every 10 seconds, to prevent jumping when multiple networks are in...

FX Luminaire Introduces New Beam Angle Lenses for Landscape Lights

  FX Luminaire has grown our expansive accessories collection with the new beam angle lenses available for landscape lights with 1-9 LEDS. These beam angle optics offer design flexibility to deliver a wider beam spread. Narrow, flood, and wide flood lenses can be adjusted to your preference, ranging from 18º to 58º. Like our color filters, these laser-cut lenses attach to the LED reflector with a simple twist/lock installation, using the same FX LED technology platform. To learn more about FX's newest...

Visit the New FX Luminaire Accessories Product Page

With the new accessories page, finding information on landscape lighting accessories from FX Luminaire is a breeze. The page features product catalog numbers, product descriptions, product photos and links to specification sheets where applicable.  Visit the FX Luminaire accessories page today at   

FX Luminaire Introduces a New Line of Couplings

The straight, 90-degree, and T-Mount couplings offer flexibility for at-grade or wall-mounted applications. Couplings can be used to improve light output by raising fixtures above grade, clearing obstructions, and achieving new angles and positions. In addition, the T-Mount offers the installer the ability to install two fixtures with only one riser reducing costs, labor, and parts.

FX Luminaire Introduces the RW, Its Most Versatile Light

New directional light fixture functions as an up light or directional path light FX Luminaire proudly announces the release of the new RW, an LED fixture that can be used for many different applications, thanks to its innovative design. “The RW was designed specifically for versatility. It functions as an up light, down light, directional path light, wall wash, or sign light,” said Ryan Williams, FX Luminaire Product Manager. The clean lines of the RW complement both commercial and residential landscapes...

Allow Control

One of the most common polarizing arguments that I hear quite often is whether or not to let a property owner have full or very limited control of their lighting.  This is a balance that is wagered among the designer, installer, and ultimately the person paying the bill.  There are a few things to consider when looking at this subject. Why would a property owner need to have control of the light? Many people think of lighting as a switch that turns on and off.  When we look at an outdoor lighting system,...