Color Your World with the New LF Wall Light with ZDC Technology®

FX Luminaire is proud to announce the addition of ZDC Technology® to the LF wall light. With this technology, add up to 30,000 colors to the popular LED wall light. 

With ZDC Technology, the LF wall light now provides almost unlimited capacity for zoning, dimming, and color creation.

Sleek new FR copper/brass up light blends seamlessly into any setting

The new FR copper/brass up light brings the elegance and performance of precious metals to FX Luminaire. FR offers longevity, precision, durability, and corrosion resistance, making it a perfect choice for coastal environments. It’s easy to install and fits easily into tight spaces, complementing the architecture and landscape in any setting. 

FX Luminaire Introduces the Luxor Satellite Controller

Luminaire proudly announces the release of Luxor Linking and the Luxor Satellite controller. Luxor Linking and the Luxor Satellite controller allow for easy management of multiple Luxor ZD and Luxor ZDC sites. Link up to nine Luxor Satellite controllers, while maintaining a single point of control of all programs, themes, and groups.  The use of Luxor Satellite controllers improves Wi-Fi connectivity and simplifies lighting designs.

FX Luminaire Introduces the QT Down Light and LP Underwater Light

FX Luminaire proudly announces the release of its new QT Directional Down Light and LP Underwater Puck Light, perfect for smaller spaces.

“The small QT Directional Down Light fits inside the tightest spaces while the equally small and durable LP underwater light is perfect for accentuating architectural elements and landscape features,” said Ryan Williams, FX Luminaire Product Marketing Manager.

Facepack Update Now Available for Luxor ZDC Landscape Lighting Controller

FX Luminaire occasionally makes enhancements to the Luxor firmware to improve functionality. The newest Luxor firmware update (v.262) is now available on the Luxor ZDC landscape lighting controller product page, under the documents tab.

This update includes:

FX Luminaire Introduces 14 More Fixtures with LED Color Capability

FX Luminaire proudly announces the release of 14 more LED fixtures that can be used with the Luxor® ZDC, a revolutionary LED lighting controller with zoning and dimming, plus color capabilities. “The ZDC offers a spectrum of 30,000 color possibilities for those residences and businesses who want the latest LED technology,” said Ryan Williams, FX Luminaire Product Manager.

FX Luminaire Introduces the MR-16 LED Lamp


FX Luminaire announces the release of the new MR-16, a convenient high-quality drop-in LED lamp that converts incandescent fixtures to energy-efficient LED fixtures.

“The MR-16 was developed for retrofit applications when the homeowner wants to keep their current incandescent light fixtures, but wants to have the energy savings of LED lamps,” said Ryan Williams, FX Luminaire Product Manager.

FX Luminaire Introduces the Ground Wash Faceplate for the FC Well Light

We are excited to introduce a new ground wash faceplate for our popular FC well light. This field-adjustable faceplate offers a no-glare design perfect for deck and patio applications. Add light through four different quadrants in whatever combination you choose: 90°, 180°, 270°, or 360°.

It’s Here! The Updated Android ZDC App is Now Available

What is New to the App?

  • The Android app is now ZDC capable, including 250 user-saved color options, color options for each group, and the “colorpicker” screen,
  • Updated FX logo

FX Luminaire Introduces 6 New Products

Introducing the NR, a copper version of the popular NP up light, available in 1, 3, 6, or 9 LED. The NR matches other FX Luminaire copper fixtures for a cohesive look, and its durable materials make it the perfect choice for coastal areas and other harsh environments. Learn more about the NR.

Plus 5 other great new products: